BeforeAfter_Template_PhillipsWeight Lost: 30 lbs

I never struggled with my weight — that is, until I got married. I quit coaching dance, got a teaching job, and started cooking a big dinner every night to show off some good wife skills – for me it was a trifecta metabolism killer.

The weight gradually started sticking over the last 5 years. It sucked not fitting into clothes, so I started having 2 LIMU LEAN shakes a day, along with BLU FROG, the LEAN Appetite Control and Cleanse, and LIMU Original. Started healthier eating, drank more water and joined a gym.  I really do LOVE LIMU LEAN!  It works because it’s a lifestyle change, not a diet – I never felt deprived. Tyler and I continue to play around with different shake recipes when we are at home with our blender. And I think the LIMU LEAN Appetite Controller is the secret weapon!  I always noticed I was losing more when I drank it – it really boosted my metabolism!

I’m thrilled with my final results! From Jan 7th 2014 to May 28th 2014 – I went from 159 lbs. to 128.5 lbs. (a total of 29 lbs. of fat lost and 1.5 lbs. of hair – 20% decrease in Body Weight). I have lost 20.5 inches overall and I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 6/8.  But more than that, I lost the weight of excuses and self-doubt.  I lost the negative voice in my head telling me I can’t.  And I HAVE to get a shout out to the BEST husband EVER for being my constant encourager – the one going to the gym with me at midnight and the one getting me ice cream when I would have a meltdown. I started this challenge to be skinny, but it has grown to so much more.  Forget skinny, I just wanna be strong!  I want to BE MORE!