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A complete weight loss and management system designed for real and lasting results, LIMU LEAN is the first and only in the world to include Fucoidan—our proprietary supernutrient. Shed those unwanted pounds and power your transformation with LIMU LEAN.


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Turn it up! BURN is a ready-to-drink powerhouse of protein, essential vitamins, and soluble fiber designed to curb your appetite and enhance your body’s burn potential. LIMU LEAN BURN. Your body has officially met its match.


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Powered by our health-enhancing supernutrient Fucoidan, the LIMU LEAN product family is specially designed to be integrated into your active daily lifestyle. Whether your focus is on weight-loss or you’re looking to supplement your workouts with the highest-grade whey proteins on the market, LIMU LEAN can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Premium Protein

5 of the highest-grade sources available


Seaweed supernutrient

Clean Ingredients

Gluten-free, no artificial colors or flavors

Vitamins & Minerals

What your body needs to work properly