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Weight loss and fitness goals are a great way to start the New Year, and what better way to jumpstart those goals than by using the LIMU LEAN System? Not only do our LIMU LEAN products taste great, but our shakes are also gluten-free, sweetened with all-natural Stevia, and contain 5 of the highest-grade proteins on the market! By introducing our LIMU LEAN System to your daily lifestyle, you’ll be on the fast track to health and wellness success, smashing all of your New Year's resolutions and making bigger and better goals throughout 2015!

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Start your journey to transformation right: have a friend snap full-length body, front and side pictures of you and keep them on hand—you’ll want to include them in your future story submission for MASSIVE prizes at our LIMU LIVE! events.


Jumpstart your LEAN lifestyle.

Slowly incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Follow the directions on the LEAN System packaging and utilize the downloadable PDF Quick Guides to lose or maintain weight. By using LIMU LEAN daily, you’ll kick start your body and provide it the essential recovery vitamins and nutrients— all boosted by the nutritional power of Fucoidan.


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Before our next LIMU LIVE! event, gather your “before” photo and measurements, get updated body measurements and a new photo showing the new you and upload them as part of your story on LIMU Post. Share that snazzy transformation graphic with your story of hard work, dedication, and payoff. Why? Because sharing your LIMU LEAN Lifestyle Story could help you win some awesome prizes. How’s that for motivation?! Check out for more info on our next event!