BeforeAfter_Template_WarnerWeight Lost: 70 lbs

I have been able to lose weight before, but with age it has gotten harder and harder each time. And whenever I lost weight in the past, I always felt hungry or weak. When I first started drinking LIMU, I did not have any goal other than improving my health. In Nov 2013, I weighed in at 278 lbs and my goal was to feel better, reduce my back pain and try to improve my overall health.

With LIMU, I immediately started to have more energy. I also noticed that when I drank my LIMU LEAN Shake I was not hungry at all. My routine would be to blend banana and frozen fruit with my vanilla LEAN and have it for breakfast. During lunch, I would blend the chocolate LEAN with almond milk and it tasted like a candy bar.

By March 2014, I got down to 218 lbs. At 53, I felt I had a new lease on life. Today I am down to 208 lbs., and I feel the best I have in years! I am never hungry. I get more nutrition in one Shake then I could get in 10 meals, and I never feel weak or hungry. I feel like I rolled the clock back 20 years on my health!  LEAN is not a diet; it is a healthy weight management system, and it doesn’t deprive me of essential nutrition or leave me hungry. I am so blessed to share my story of hope and success with LIMU LEAN!