Designed to Build
the champion within.

Powered by the health-enhancing supernutrient Fucoidan, the LIMU LEAN System is specially designed to be integrated into your active daily lifestyle. Whether your focus is on weight-loss or you’re looking to supplement your workouts with the highest-grade whey proteins, LIMU LEAN can help you achieve your fitness goals.

The LIMU LEAN System is comprised of a Meal Replacement Shake in Dutch Chocolate or Creamy Vanilla and is supported by a daily Appetite Controller, and a 7-day Cellular Cleanse - both in a zesty lemon flavor, and now in convenient single-serve packaging.


LIMU LEAN Meal Replacement Shakes

Containing five different sources of the highest-grade proteins on the market, Meal Replacement Shakes are 225 calories of powerful, balanced nutrition in two delicious flavors: Creamy Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. Designed to be used as a complete meal replacement or to supplement your workout program, the Fucoidan-enriched LIMU LEAN Meal Replacement Shakes are the key to achieving your weight management and fitness goals.

LIMU LEAN Appetite Controller

Appetite Controller

Each single-serving Appetite Controller stick pack is infused with the natural benefits of Fucoidan. The powerful combination of natural dynamic energy derived from a variety of sources encourages the breakdown of triglycerides stored in fat cells and reduces diet fatigue.

LIMU LEAN Cellular Cleanse

Cellular Cleanse

Prepare your body for maximum nutritional benefit in 7 short days with the Cellular Cleanse. Powered by four proprietary LIMU nutritional blends and infused with Fucoidan, our Cleanse works at the cellular level to gently optimize your digestive system and help your body feel better as part of a regular monthly tune-up for the world’s finest precision machine: YOU.