BeforeAfter_Template_MandellWeight Lost: 30 lbs

At the end of 2012, my boyfriend of 12 years said he was leaving me. I communed with ice cream for about 40 pounds worth of time and then started to climb out of my funk.

I saw a picture of myself from a LIMU LIVE! in Ft. Worth, TX and was shocked by how much weight I had really gained. Pictures just don’t lie, and I really was a good 40 pounds overweight. Shortly after getting home from that trip I saw Rowdy Gaines and the LIMU Challenge; I made THE decision. It’s funny what just making a decision can do for your life IF you’re serious about it. Since then I have lost 30 pounds! I’m wearing pants I haven’t been able to wear in 3 years and I’ve gone from a 2X blouse back to an X or XL. What a difference LIMU LEAN has made for me!