BeforeAfter_Template_KellyWeight Lost: 42 lbs

Everybody talks about gaining the freshman 15 when you go to college, but nobody warns you about the corporate 50 whenever you get your first desk job. Soon enough I found myself at my highest weight ever.

It was definitely a journey to find the healthy me again, but even a bigger journey to find the willpower to make it happen.  I wanted people to think of me as the athletic girl again instead of the one who “used to play sports”.  And because I love to travel and be adventurous on trips, I wanted to be able to do more without all that extra weight.

I started drinking LIMU Original, and realized that it helped me with the mental aspect of my workout, getting me into the “want to” mode that helped me make it to the gym.  It also helped with joint pain and knee problems that had prevented me from strenuous workouts in the past. A couple of weeks after starting to drink LIMU Original, I added LIMU LEAN into my daily routine, drinking one shake a day. I started seeing results right away, and most importantly I felt good.  I began this journey a year ago, and I have lost 42 pounds and two dress sizes so far. I have become a runner in the last year, and I completed my first ever 5K thanks to LIMU. I also learned to surf while in Hawaii.  I feel great, and have several more goals to reach, but what I am most excited about is that I finally consider myself an athlete again.