BeforeAfter_Template_JacksonWeight Lost: 33 lbs

By age 35, I was battling my weight and hormonal issues, having tried every diet, diet pill and exercise plan there was. Losing weight and gaining it back was normal for me.

I started LIMU in May of 2014.  I drink all 3 products, and I feel amazing!  I was so shocked to see the 1st week weight loss. I was doing 2 LIMU LEAN shakes a day to start, but then I went to one a day unless I was home at lunch. I have seen amazing progress since starting to use LIMU LEAN!  From the end of May until today, my weight loss has been 33 lbs.!  I am finally seeing my body go back to the way I have prayed it would be for so long! LIMU has changed my life!