BeforeAfter_Template_ReedWeight Lost: 101 lbs

My story began about 7 1/2 months ago, when I weighed 279 pounds. My hands, knees, ankles and feet hurt daily, and it was so painful to stand. Pain limited what I could do and my heavy appearance was embarrassing. I was at a very low point in how I felt about my body and myself.

So I started using three products; LIMU LEAN, LIMU ORIGINAL and BLU FROG. I replaced my daily fast food breakfast and lunch with a LIMU LEAN smoothie for each meal. They were delicious and filling. When I started my LIMU Journey, my goal was to lose 50 pounds and get down to 220. But once I began to lose weight, I realized I could get below 200 pounds, so I reset my goal to 195. Before the last LIMU LIVE, I took Gary’s LEAN Challenge and pledged to lose another 20 pounds, and I lost another 30. Reset my goal again, this time to 100 pounds lost for an ending weight of 179.

I started walking about 2 miles a day, and my knees and ankles were pain free. I started running but I was pitiful to begin with, always running out of breath, but it was a start. Each day my goal was to either do as well or better than the day before. After a few weeks I could run a couple of miles with no walking. On January 18th, I ran my first 5K race. A month later I ran in my first 10K race, with a faster pace than I ran the 5K, and another 10K the next month. Before I chose to make LIMU an integral part of my life and health, I never knew that I could set and exceed my goals and health expectations.

Gary Raser was right; you become a walking LIMU LEAN billboard when you lose weight. Everyone wants to know more about LIMU! I am so excited that I have reached every goal I have set for my health. I am now down a total of 101 pounds at a weight of 178.